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半自動咖啡機 Expobar - Office Pulser 1GR 原廠代理

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半自動咖啡機 Expobar - Office Pulser 1GR  原廠代理 請先查詢)

Office Pulser 1GR

Mini Semi-automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 group, with 2,75 litres water tank, and copper boiler with 1,5 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve. One steam tap and one hot water tap.

Feature: - Built-in vibration motor pump - Copper boiler with heat exchange per group and pressure relief valve professional style - Group head with direct pre-infusion  chamber (Pulser) - One steam arm and one hot water tap, professional - Auto-fill water boiler - Heating element and water pump low water level auto cut-off - Water softener incorporated - 2.75 Litre water tank Standard Supplied Acc. - 1 Single filter baster - 2 double filter handles - 0.55 metre connection hose - 1 cleaning membrane

包送貨(香港,九龍,新界) 原廠保養一年

確認訂單后,  約 3星期後到貨. 需先付 70% 訂金.尾款送貨前付清. 

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