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半自動咖啡機 Expobar - Office 2 Boilers EB-61 Leva 1 GR Vibration原廠代理

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半自動咖啡機 Expobar - Office 2 Boilers EB-61 Leva 1 GR Vibration Pump 原廠代理


Office Leva EB-61 1GR 2 Boilers

Mini Semi-Automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 group EB-61 with lever, made of bronze of the hightest quality, with connection to the water network and dual boiler system: one boiler for steam, hot water and to pre-heat the water entering to the boiler. The second boiler keeps the right temperature of water for the extraction of coffee. This model comes complete with the lastest generation PID sensor to guarantee a consistent brewing temperature. One steam tap and one hot water tap.

Feature: - Group heads EB-61 with lever, made of bronze of the highest quality - Dual boiler system: one for steam, hot water and to preheat the water entering the boiler, and one for the extraction of coffee (Via the group head) - Maximum precision temperature control using PID technology - Insulated boilers to help reducing heat loss - Two pressure gauges: one for reading steam boiler pressure and one for pump pressure - Built-in vibration motor pump - Group head with direct pre-infusion chamber (Pulser) - One steam arm and one hot water tap, professional - The steam arm is heat insulated - Auto-fill water boiler - Heating element and water pump low water level auto cut-off - Water softener incorporated - 2.75 Litre water tank Standard Supplied Acc. - 1 Single filter baster - 2 double filter handles - 0.55 metre connection hose - 1 cleaning membrane


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