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Eureka Mignon SILENZIO Coffee Grinder 咖啡研磨機 磨豆機 (意大利制造) 預訂貨品。

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Eureka Mignon Grinder 磨豆機 Coffee Grinder 咖啡研磨機 (行貨) 意大利制造.


除了創新設計之外,新系列 還具有兩個 (Anti-Clumps&Electrostaticity)重要特性:靜音技術,以減少研磨噪音,以及防結塊和靜電系統,防止團塊形成並確保出粉量一致性。






沖煮espresso 最重要除左咖啡豆要新鮮烘,新鮮磨,豆嘅研磨都好重要。豆要磨得精準,所以選磨豆機要stepless 可以微調都好重要。另外,研究得平切,令粉可以平切受壓,沖嘅espresso 先會好味!  

Eureka has introduced the New Mignon Silent Range.

Beyond the innovative design, the new range features two important peculiarities:

the Silent Technology to reduce the grind noise anf the Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity System which prevents the formation of clumps and ensures dose consistency.

SILENZIO is the version similar to the current Mignon,

with the possibility to switch from Manual to Timer modeCoffee grinder with micrometric grinding adjustment without stop point. Support the holder on DIP and

the coffee is ground only when you want to prepare a coffee.

At the base there is a switch where you can choose

if the grind is in manual mode or with a timer,

the timer is adjustable by adjustment screw on the side of the base

Where is required reliability and quality,

the model by Eureka built according to the same rigid specific of the greatest brothers,

but very smaller,and with a production rate of 5 kg/h SPECIFICATIONS:

- Body: pressure die-casted alluminium painted BLACK MATT

- Grinding stones : in hardened steel diameter 50 mm.

- Motor: monophase 220V 50Hz , RPM 1350

- Grinding: micrometer grinding control without set stop (patented).

- Bin storage capacity: approx 0,300 Kg.

- Productivity (g/s) 1,2 - 1,6 (Espresso) - 1,7 - 2,3 (Brew)

- Weight: ~ 5,6Kg - dimension: h/l/d mm 350x120x180

- Schuko plug - 220-240 Volt 50-60 Hz

- equipped with standard fork


Version: Grind on demand